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Professional & Community Links

Adams Chiropractic Clinic is proudly associated with the following professional and community service organizations:

Xcelerated Performance – www.xceleratedperformance.netFor the best in exercise advice and personal training, you need to look no further than my good friends at Xcelerated Performance. Whether you are a professional athlete or a seasoned couch potato, these top personal coaches can tailor an exercise plan that is just right for you.

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TheraGear® – www.sissel-online.comIf you’ve been in for adjustments, you probably noticed a big exercise ball in the adjusting room. There are dozens of simple, spine-helping exercises that can be done with a quality exercise ball and you can purchase your own from the same place we do. It is extremely important to get a ball that is “burst proof” so you can avoid serious injury.

We’ve made arrangements with sissel-online so you can make your purchase of any exercise product and get a five percent discount. When you are asked to use a coupon, type in the word “adams” in all lower case letters (minus the quotation marks) so you can get your discount.

Green Pasture’s™ – In the discussions of what fish oil to take, fermented cod-liver oil is towards the top of the list. The natural fermentation process maintains the natural balances of vitamins A and D and provides healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

The Weston A. Price Foundation® – www.westonaprice.orgThis organization leads the way in providing the nutritional information that our society needs to hear. Smart, sensible, cutting-edge, and against the grain of politically correct diet information, their concepts have stood the test of time across cultural lines worldwide. – www.mercola.comA good site for many health topics! – www.realmilk.comGet the facts straight on the raw milk issue by digesting this website thoroughly.

www.truthinlabeling.ORGThis eye-opening site educates about the real dangers of food additives, chiefly, MSG.

The Meatrix – www.themeatrix.comHave a little fun and learn a few things too about the way our food industry works.