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Professional & Community Links

Adams Chiropractic Clinic is proudly associated with the following professional and community service organizations:

Xcelerated Performance – www.xceleratedperformance.netFor the best in exercise advice and personal training, you need to look no further than my good friends at Xcelerated Performance. Whether you are a professional athlete or a seasoned couch potato, these top personal coaches can tailor an exercise plan that is just right for you.

Green Pasture’s™ – In the discussions of what fish oil to take, fermented cod-liver oil is towards the top of the list. The natural fermentation process maintains the natural balances of vitamins A and D and provides healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

The Weston A. Price Foundation® – www.westonaprice.orgThis organization leads the way in providing the nutritional information that our society needs to hear. Smart, sensible, cutting-edge, and against the grain of politically correct diet information, their concepts have stood the test of time across cultural lines worldwide. – A great site for many health topics! – www.realmilk.comGet the facts straight on the raw milk issue by digesting this website thoroughly.

www.truthinlabeling.ORGThis eye-opening site educates about the real dangers of food additives, chiefly, MSG.

The Meatrix – www.themeatrix.comHave a little fun and learn a few things too about the way our food industry works.

Nationally recognized Fly Fishing Guide, Blane Chocklett, might be of interest for the serious fly angler.  Even if you don’t fly fish, the pictures are fun to look at.  His main site is: