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Money Matters

 Dr. Parker Adams with his family

Dr. Parker Adams with his family

Loyalty to You Only

We feel strongly that the relationship between the doctor and patient should not be bullied by the insurance industry.  While it is fortuitous to have expensive health care costs covered by an insurance company, the reality is that our health care system has shifted so much that there is nearly always a portion that is paid out of pocket for reasonably priced chiropractic care.  

Rather than charge high fees and divert our focus and resources into squeezing what we can out of the insurance companies, our office is a refreshing throwback to the day of the family doctor.  We charge fees for routine office visits that are at or less than most co-pays.  Thus, there is no advantage for our office to participate with insurance plans.  Many patients find that there is more value to receive care in our office even though it’s out of network. This is because fees are simple, straightforward, and reasonable. We treat folks like family, so we run our business that way. 

Its been said that insurance coverage is like a hospital gown… you’re never covered as much as you think you are.

We will Provide a Helpful Hand

If you have some insurance coverage available, we will gladly provide any insurance statements you need to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Many patients have also found that their Flexible Spending Plan (“Flex Plans”) cover chiropractic care.

There is some chiropractic coverage if you have Medicare Part B benefits.  However, it is only limited to short term care that is related to incidents such as slips, falls, and other injuries.  Out of pocket expenses for routine Medicare visits are quite reasonable and are currently three quarters of the cost of our normal office visit fees.