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Money Matters

 Dr. Parker Adams with his family

Dr. Parker Adams with his family

We feel very strongly that the relationship developed between the doctor and the patient is so important that it should be as exclusive as possible. Together, we can make decisions that are in line with your goals and will obtain the best results as possible. Unfortunately, managed care plans have sometimes bullied their way into this unique relationship and have been known to strip any freedom and decision-making power away from you. All too often with managed care, you’ve got someone else who hardly knows a thing about you placing restrictions on your health care decisions.

Loyalty To You Only

For primarily this reason, Dr. Adams is not on any insurance lists. A contractual relationship exists when a doctor is on a list and his loyalty (in order to simply get paid) is to the insurance company—not you as the patient. Our office is more like a refreshing throwback to the day of the family doctor. For many years patients have trusted Dr. Adams to work with them on a wide variety of health conditions (many that would “not be allowed” under managed care plans), and the financial relationship has always been straightforward, fair, and simple.

Its been said that insurance coverage is like a hospital gown… you’re never covered as much as you think you are.

These days that seems truer than ever and we’re finding that many patients have a co-pay close to what our typical office visit charge is anyway. And for years we’ve accepted patients who have previously gone to a “doctor on their list” and who have gotten frustrated because of very strict limits on the number of allowed visits or unexpected charges that were billed to them. We charge reasonable fees with no hidden costs.

We will Provide a Helpful Hand

If you have insurance, we will gladly provide for you a “superbill” to be sent to your insurance company for reimbursement. Our “cash style” practice has worked well since 1989, and many patients who even don’t have insurance coverage find our fee structure very reasonable too. Chiropractic care expenses fall under Flexible Spending Plans (“Flex Plans”) and many of our patients are using their pre-tax dollars to pay for chiropractic care that would not normally be covered under an insurance policy. This has been especially helpful for folks who are minimally covered by insurance or have a high deductible.

As a way to help create vibrant health for families, we have used a popular family plan for many years. If a family qualifies for the plan, they receive a helpful discount. Please feel free to inquire about this plan with our office when you’re in on one of your visits.