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Roanoke Chiropractor: Dr. Parker Adams

I’ve never been a skeptic.. Really, its true. I’ve always believed that the body has the ability to heal itself. I guess I was a rebel of sorts too—just had to do things my way.. I can remember deciding to become a chiropractor when I was a junior in high school. Most people thought I was nuts! Squander away a promising education? No, not at all. I had always wanted to help people and I had an uncanny knack for grasping more natural means to do so.

Dr. Parker Adams fishing with his son

Dr. Parker Adams fishing with his son

I was also inspired by our family chiropractor too. He had become a family friend-often going on fishing outings with us-and I remember him being a great model of integrity and humility as he served the folks in our small community.

College Education & Discoveries

So off to college I went—a man with a plan. After completing all my undergraduate studies, I entered Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. Wow! I can remember the look, feel and smell of the place like it was yesterday. The academic load and pace was nearly staggering, but like a valiant soldier, all the academic conquests were made with no small amount of pride. I dug deeply into the basics: anatomy, physiology, neurology, etc. But I encountered two life-changing events early on in school. The first being that I hurt my back terribly. Overnight, I went from a young, bullet-proof athlete to a hobbled-up old man. I struggled with severe pain for months at a time and I tried many different chiropractic methods to get relief.

Then I found the second life-changing event: my discovery of the Gonstead technique. It was different. It was very specific, and most importantly, effective. I didn’t have a miracle cure, but over time got great results. And it was this intense struggle with pain that brought about a tenacity to find the best way to help someone else. Life can be like that… out of struggle comes triumph. And this shapes my view with my dear patients.

Giving Hope

Many of them come to my office with poor health that is like a heavy boat anchor they’re carrying around. It is a joy to give them hope. I have always focused my patient care around the results. Whether you crawl in my office with tearful severe back pain, or you have chronic pains, or you bring your precious child in with a cold, I always want the results of chiropractic care to shine through. But I must be clear. While I work hard at trying to do my best to fix things, I’m really not in charge of the results. I don’t heal anything. The Intelligent design for your body is that it will heal itself if the roadblocks are removed. That is really a simple concept that I try to always remember. I remove the roadblocks to your health; I’m just a facilitator.

A kiss from the wife

Away From the Office

I’m really one of the luckiest guys around. I’m married to the most kind, beautiful woman and have five of the best kids on the planet. Lisa and I knew each other in childhood, dated just after I finished high school and married while I was in Chiropractic college. Our kids were all born at home and we’re all blessed with their excellent health.

We have great memories of the years when our kids participated in local recreation and school basketball, soccer, swimming, and horse riding for our special needs boys.  At this time, though, we are in a whole new chapter of life as three of the five have embarked upon their own careers. We have a chiropractor, a physical therapist, and an engineer now and they are all doing very well.  

Personally I stay busy leading our church’s music program as playing guitar and singing have been a part of my life since my teen years.  I try to sneak out and fly fish whenever possible.  Time simply vanishes when I’m out on the water, throwing flies to a chunky smallmouth bass. The rod bending tug of a big striper and the heart-stopping thrill of a muskie on a fly is a near addiction.   

For Me Personally

I do practice what I preach. It’s a given understanding that I get regular chiropractic care—I wouldn’t be able to work and play like I do without it. But that doesn’t stand alone for me… I incorporate good, wholesome and organic foods in my diet along with enzyme-rich raw milk, fresh eggs, and free range meat from local farmers. Exercise is also a must for me. I carve out time to exercise a few times a week. The journey of health is never perfectly straight or smooth. With a big, active family, there’s always some sports injury or health issue to deal with. We’ve been fortunate to manage all of them with timely chiropractic care and the simple nurturing that becomes our lifestyle.

Thanks for taking time to read all of this, but… Enough about me! How can we help you with the best of safe and natural chiropractic care? Give us a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health.