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Dr. Adams’ special message for you this flu season.

Dear Patients and Friends,

There’s not a day that goes by that at least someone asks me about the flu or swine flu. “Doc, are you seeing more cases of the flu?” “What do you think about the flu shot?” “Are you going to get a flu shot, doc?”

Well… honestly I’m not seeing any more cases of the flu than I ever do this time of year. And no, I’m not going to get a flu shot nor are my children; but that’s my business. What I do propose to you and anyone who will listen is to examine the issue thoroughly and make an informed decision.

In the Media

I do feel that there is a whopping amount of media attention regarding the flu and swine flu that is disproportionate to the actual concern. I also feel that some of the information being broadcast is misleading and some of it is downright false. I encourage you to take a look at some of the links I’ve provided below and use this information to temper the near hysteria that seems so prevalent everywhere you turn.

Type in “Flu Vaccine Exposed” in the search area for a concise review or type in “flu” to see other articles – All vaccines are discussed in this site, but you’ll see plenty about the flu – National Vaccine Information Center.

What can you do that will help your resistance against the flu?

Of course, I’ll say regular chiropractic adjustments. They’ll keep your immune system strong and vibrant. And in the face of a full-out struggle with active flu symptoms, chiropractic care is a long-standing effective measure to help your body respond well and get over the illness quickly and thoroughly. The great flu epidemic of 1918 put chiropractic on the map of health care and chiropractic is just as valid an approach to attaining health today. I’ve included the article that summarizes the historical account of chiropractic care in the 1918 flu epidemic at the end of this letter.

Other things?

You can likely name a few if you think about it… Cut out sugars and soft drinks entirely. Back way off the processed foods and white flour. Eat a wide range of vegetables from locally grown or organic sources. Get adequate protein and fat from pasture-raised beef and poultry. Free range chicken eggs are good too.


As the sun angles away this time of year, it’s more important than ever to get some Vitamin D with good fish oil or fermented cod liver oil. Shoot for 4000-5000mg daily but don’t settle for less than half of that. Extra Vitamin C is good too and in the heat of the battle wth the flu, you can take a gram of Vitamin C every hour or two.

And let’s not forget about getting regular exercise and taking necessary measures to keep the stress in your life in check.

So be informed and invest in your health. It’s one of your best assets!

Yours for better health,Dr. Parker J. Adams

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