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Your First Visit to Our Roanoke Practice

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Coming to our office for the first time is a breeze. You’ll find ample parking in a level lot behind our quaint, red brick building. Most people love the cozy atmosphere inside and even describe it as having a nurturing and healing affect.

A Warm Greeting

Our staff will greet you with a smile and ask you to fill out some basic paperwork to help us get acquainted with the reason for your visit. From here, our staff will escort you to a special changing area where you will prepare to meet Dr. Adams. Dr. Adams is a good listener and the purpose for the initial consultation is to discuss with you the health goals you have and to determine if chiropractic care is right for you. The doctor will then examine you thoroughly with a special emphasis on the spine and how it relates to the other functions of your body.

A Comfortable Exam

A heat reading instrument will be glided up and down your back to reveal any imbalances or aspects of spinal subluxations. The doctor will then carefully palpate your spine using his hands and fingers to feel for any areas of mild swelling and changes within the tissues or muscles. When the exam is completed the doctor will often wish to take any necessary x-rays of your spine. Meticulous placement of your body while in the standing position allows for a very accurate analysis of the alignment of your spine. X-rays also tell a “once upon a time” story that provides a clear look at old injuries, arthritic changes, and general wear and tear.

Finishing up

After taking x-rays, you will be able to gather your things and meet with the staff again. They will schedule another visit to go over the doctor’s findings and get started with your care. If your condition is painfully acute or an emergency, we may get started with some form of care right away to get you feeling better